I am still learning the definition of what freedom really is. What people teach us and what is real can be very conflicting things. It is demanded that we attend schools so that we can be taught how to grow up and go to work for others. We are not taught to grow up and start our own buisness. We have one thing in our favor. We are living in 2015.

So what does that mean? We are living in the internet age. People are leaving the workforce and working from home. The internet is a buisness all in itself and all of your clients are there waiting for you. Millions are now creating an income online. You do not have to wait for validation from anyone to start your own networks and start to become everything you have wanted to be.

Start your strategies to freedom now. You cannot make it happen overnight but you can start planning. It took me 7 years to find the right time to start creating my life the way I see it. Now I am living my vision and it's more beautiful than I ever imagined.


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