The CEO Club was written for all women whether you are just getting into the workforce or are already a boss! The purpose is for you to figure out what you want and go get it!

The CEO Club Stage #1- The Internship

ISBN- 978-0-9897294-0-6

Gabrielle Collins- Blackshear’s The CEO Club is a strategic lifestyle plan, manual, and guide for women that will show them how to elevate from their routine existence to higher levels of thinking. This book includes sections to write out your visions and strategies as well as practical planning and future planning. With woman to woman details Collins- Blackshear shoots straight at the behaviors that are holding us back and challenges women to stop existing and start creating their lives. Gabrielle invites you to incorporate new life changing habits that will open new doors for women who have felt prisoner to their time and money. This is also an essential guide for the teenage young lady, who will benefit from planning her future instead of taking whatever may come her way.


Whether you are single, married, just starting a job, or a boss the CEO Club is a must have guide that will empower and inspire all women to function on a higher level and show their power as a CEO woman.